Best Ways to Get Rid of Flies

Flies are a nuisance, and they carry numerous pathogens that can cause diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and cholera. Files collect those deadly pathogens when they feed on faeces and trash. However, by taking some simple steps, you can get rid of annoying flies.

Eliminate things that invite flies

Flies like dirty things. They will like your house if you have a lot of dirty dishes, cans, bins and half-empty bowls.  Eliminate all these dirty things. But doing it once or twice is not enough. If you want to make sure that your home is fly-free, clean your house regularly.

Use electric fly swatters

Electric fly swatters can help you greatly to get rid of flies. These devices use UV lights to attract insects. You don’t need to chase flies. When flies come in contact with this device, they get immediately caught and killed. You don’t need to be super careful when using these tools because on the outside of the tool, there is a protective layer. These tools are easy to use and they are growing in popularity.

Use fly tape

You can catch flies easily using fly tape. Buy some fly tape and hang them up in the places where flies gather. Make sure you do not hang the tape in the places where you cook or serve food, because sometimes dead flies get detached from the tape.

Create traps using vinegar or wine

Flies are attracted to vinegar and wine, so they can be used to create traps. Traps can be created in a number of ways. If you do not want to create a trap, ready-made traps are available on the market.

You can make a simple trap using a bottle and some vinegar. After putting some vinegar in a bottle, use a plastic wrap to cover the opening. The smell of vinegar will attract the flies. They will crawl in and get trapped.

Use Citronella smoke

Citronella candles create smoke that scatters flies within a very short time. Whether you are dealing with indoor or outdoor flies, both camphor candles and citronella candles work excellently. Keep in mind that these candles take about 30 minutes to make a place fly-free, although you get some results immediately.

Use lemon and cloves

This simple and natural technique can help you get rid of flies. All you need to do is to cut a lemon in halves and place cloves in the flesh. The more cloves you place the better. Then keep the lemon in a place where flies gather. Make sure you do this half an hour prior to sitting in a place.

Use fragrant herbs

There are some herbs that deter flies. Plant basil, lavender and mint in your garden, and you will see the result. If you want to make your garden fly-free, this is a great method. Dried forms of these herbs also work well. Just keep any of these herbs on your table and you will not find any fly in your room.